Apr 15, 2020

Coinkeeper 100% Profitable Program CoinKeeper is pleased to announce to our investors who have trusted and supported CoinKeeper over the past time. All our investors will receive a 10% return based on their investment at CoinKeeper. CoinKeeper team is trying to improve the system and bring many useful programs, attractive events, and more efficient services. We have successfully launched 2 major service platforms namely #AMASeries and TeamCore. AMA and TeamCore are wonderful platforms to show our new colors and all our latest achievements that make us proud. We hope you noticed our new events and you liked them as well as our all services. We are building the Wonderful Ethbold, Optachain, HoxLab, Raida Tech in the near future. Our team has been working hard and we are happy everything went as planned. All of that however, would mean nothing without You, our investors. We have a big vision, starting with protecting our investors. Our interest payment will be made starting from the 20th of April and ending on the 23rd of April. CoinKeeper always aims to protect the Investors as the top priorities and help them to get real profit from their investment. That's the reason why The CoinKeeper community has thousands of members and our brand has made a great leap forward in the technology field. The whole world is slowing down and stalling because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In times of crisis, We are all facing financial burdens and struggling to work from home. Special thanks to all members of CoinKeeper who helped organize the program and develop the system as well as provide all necessary for a hard time. Thank all of you for helping us grow.