Apr 29, 2020

Congratulations to all our investors who received their 10% return on investment this April. CoinKeeper is set to open the second week hase of distribution of 10% of its profits set to be disbursed by May 2020. We understand investors difficulties on seeing return on their investment and we are working towards increasing the profits to our investors by October, 2020. 

Specific information on this regard will be sent to all investors via email. CoinKeeper will take new steps to bring big revenue as well as stability to investors. Together we will win in the world of cryptocurrencies as we continue to work at 100% capacity to deliver the best to our investors.

It is worth noting that CoinKeeper is a smart investment platform where real profits are determined before embarking on introducing investors to such investment.  Previously we made an evaluation on IEO and Exchange operations which turns out to bring unrealistic profits

After this unexpected result of the IEO and Exchange trial? We decide to embark on some changes thereby taking necessary steps to completely change the way to generate profits to investors starting by eliminating all unrelated or unprogressive partnership.

We will continue to provide real products such as #AMASeries, TeamCore, Optachain, Wonderful Ethbold, MMX to generate real profits for investors. We do not currently have any programs to attract investors, so please do not ask unrelated questions. We will aggressively deal with anyone who intends to sabotage CoinKeeper or set to bring negative energy to the work and profits of CoinKeeper and its investors.