Mar 16, 2020

FuzR brings you decentralized exchange with the concept of making trade efficient and with the lowest fee for traders.

FuzR Token developed an exchange to further make trading simpler to their community members to trade efficiently. FuzR Token trading exchange is ready to operate right after the IEO sale periods coming to the end and the starting price is $ 1/1 FuzR.

FuzR is going to launch IEO at CoinKeeper Exchange on March 18th, 2020.

CoinKeeper with the leading reputable Exchange platform on the world is, without doubt, a trusted partner for projects that want to open ICO, IEO, and NCO. We equip startups with efficient tools to attract investors, develop their projects and accomplish their goals. CoinKeeper empowers investors, while at the same time safeguard their fund.

FuzR is a strategic partner of CoinKeeper through many projects; therefore we hope this cooperation will bring impressive results once IEO ends, contributing to promoting development for both companies.

Link to Token IEO:

Sources: fuzr coinkeeper