Mar 18, 2020

HOX is going to open IEO at CoinKeeper Exchange on March 20th, 2020.

The HOX project is a unique project that strives to bring wholesome happiness to humanity. The philosophy driving the project is based on empirically proven scientific research. Hug Oxytocin is a project that will make people real social.

When people communicate with each other, eating, drinking, entertainment etc. they will earn both discount and HOX token from places where they pay. When people meet, HOX Token will not only get a discount, they will also mint the HOX token by POM (Proof of Meet). Businesses will provide customer loyalty by getting memberships with the HOX token via the Hugo App.

CoinKeeper with our most prestigious world Exchange platform is willing to partner with projects that want to open ICO, IEO, and NCO. By equipping startups with professional tools to seek investors as well as to assist their projects to achieve their targets, we at the same time protect investors and also safeguard their funds.

CoinKeeper and HOX expect the upcoming IEO will be successful, meanwhile promote the relationship between the two parties for the first collaboration.

Token information:

• Name: Hox Token

• Ticker: Hox

• Total supply: 33,000,000 Hox

• Token available for IEO: 3,000,000 Hox

• Price at IEO: $ 0.35

- Start date: March 20, 2020

- End date: April 20, 2020

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