Jan 21, 2020

Manufacturing Execution System, MES, is the foundation of a Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) environment that is integrated and connected. It is an automated control system designed to manage and monitor all the work-in-process (WIP) on a factory floor.

MESCHAIN was provided by Genesis Crypto Technology, a company advanced in technology and committed to reforming the world through digital currency and technology, generally.

Their goal is to optimize and synchronize real-time production activities across worldwide distributed plants thereby improving productivity and reducing cycle times.

Their vision which is to become a world leader in the field of Manufacturing Execution System, reform the digital world and technology generally has spurred them into an amazing partnership with the world largest crypto exchange, CoinKeeper.

The partnership augurs well with both parties concerned with revolutionizing the digital world and making financial transactions as simple and transparent as can be.

CoinKeeper, Together we change the world!

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