Apr 4, 2020

Strategic partnership formed between Play Royal and CoinKeeper Exchange

Play Royal is committed to building a vibrant and robust gaming platform for all cryptocurrencies and their users.

The central aspects of the platform are gaming, mining, and trading. Users can play games with multiple tokens, mine RWD and either trade that on Play Royal Exchange, burn to get a share of the daily Reward Parties or hold for future use cases

The Play Royal team having carried out due diligence research, identified CoinKeeper Exchange as the right form of partnership which will propel the project to further develop to its full potential by utilizing the vast resources available at CoinKeeper.

CoinKeeper is renowned as the world global cryptocurrency exchange with over 100,000 clients on its platforms, 100 plus products and a huge market base is delighted with this new partnership and viewed it as a new horizon for both projects.

Useful Link Play Royal
Website: https://playroyal.com
Telegram: https://t.me/PlayRoyal_EN

Useful link Coinkeeper
Website: https://coinkeeper.io
Telegram: https://t.me/coinkeeperworld

Coinkeeper: Together we change the world