Apr 3, 2020

The world is shutting down. 
We have no choice but to stay at home and work online. No gathering, no touching, no hugging, no kissing.
we might not actually like the new world that is in the making.
Don't worry
cool down
Focus on the good things ahead.
Sooner or later, the world will reinvent itself. This is how the future works. 
We will be surprised when the crisis is "over". We will be amazed at how quickly digital cultural techniques have suddenly proven themselves in practice. 
 In the new world, paper money suddenly no longer plays a decisive role. 
It's time to cope with the present through a leap into the future.
And YOU with CoinKeeper, we will change the world. We believe that only when we work as a team, family, unite and understand that unity is called "SUCCESS". 
If you do it right, something like future intelligence is created. We leave the stiffness of fear and return to the vitality that belongs to every true future.
We strongly believe that it's not about cryptocurrency or blockchain anymore it's about adaptation and innovation.
 People often say they wish they had time to do the things they want. Well, NOW is the time. 
Join CoinKeeper. Together we change the world.